If you are trying to fight cold, a cup of hot fermented uji will do the job.

While you can get uji mix from the stores or buy lemons to give your porridge the sour taste, you can also make your own fermented porridge at home. Without any lemons or citric acid. It’s sweeter, healthier, and you will not want any other type of porridge once you get hooked to homemade porridge.

It’s easier to make and does not need any special ingredients. You also have the choice to choose the types of flour to include in your uji.

Sour porridge(Webstagram)

What you need

Millet flour(Herdy Fresh)

Flour (millet, sorghum, corn or a mixture of the three)




Making fermented porridge at home(Steemit)

The amount of water and flour you will need to make your fermented porridge will depend on how much you want to make. If you are expecting visitors, or want it to serve you for several days, just increase the ratio.

Mix the flour and add water. Stir thoroughly to achieve a smooth mixture.

Put in a jerrycan and cover it. Let it sit for 2-5 days to allow the fermentation process.

To check if it’s ready, open the jar and taste it. It should have a sour taste and you should also be able to smell the sourness.

Be sure not to keep it for so long as it can become too sour for consumption.


Cooking porridge(biobasics)

Boil water in a sufuria, then add your fermented mixture into the pot as you continue stirring.

Add the mixture slowly until you have achieved the desired thickness of the porridge.

Continue stirring thoroughly to ensure the porridge is fine.

When it starts to boil, add sugar to taste and let it boil for like 15 minutes.

Ready porridge(Irene's Green Kitchen)

Your fermented uji is now ready. Let it cool a little bit then serve with the snack of your choice.

Bon appetit!