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Never seen before photos of Ahmednasir's palatial home in Karen

Ahmednasir's parking lot has 2 Mercedes Benz G Wagons, 2 Porsches, a Bentley Bentyga and a Land Rover Discovery.

Ahmednasir Abdullahi's home in Karen

Nairobi lawyer Ahmednasir Adullahi gave Kenyans a glimpse of his huge mansion in the leafy suburbs of Karen estate in Nairobi.

During a recent interview on Churchill Show, Ahmednasir revealed that he built his home using money from clients.

He added that as a lawyer he documents his life through the cases he had handled for clients by treating himself to a house, cars and expensive suits.

“Sometimes when you're short of money, a client comes and pays and you buy doors or windows,” Ahmednasir explained.


Though the Grand Mullah did not take Kenyans inside his home, the exterior of the magnificent house speaks volumes of what could be inside.

The palatial home was constructed in a mix of modern and neoclassical Palladian house design, with a lush green garden and a large swimming pool.

Other than his house, Ahmednasir’s wardrobe and parking lot also have symbolic possessions of major cases he has taken on.

When I do a big case I used to buy suits so I can say this suit is from the sugar case, that other one is from another case,” he added.


The Grand Mullah’s parking lot has two Mercedes Benz G Wagons, two Porsches, a Bentley Bentyga and a Land Rover Discovery. Ahmednasir loves to drive himself and has no driver.

The lawyer recently won a suit against the Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) whom he accused of negligence which led to the damage of the windscreen of his Bentley.

Though the state agency is yet to pay Sh 750,000 ordered by the court, he already had the car repaired and plans on donating the money.


It is not about the money for me because I fixed it and they haven’t paid me. The point I was making is the accountability of public bodies. When you make a road and the public pays for it, there are certain standards you have to finish,” he explained.


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