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Surprising health benefits of eating banana flower

Who though they are good for humans?

Benefits of banana flower(Greatfood)

Banana is one great fruit that can be eaten any time of the day; plus it has numerous health benefits. But did you know that you can also eat the banana flower? It’s mostly used to feed cows is some parts of Kenya while it’s used as a jerrican cover in other parts.

So the next time you think of throwing away those flowers, pause for a moment and think about these great benefits of banana flower:

1. Fiber


Banana flows are rich in dietary fiber just like other vegetables. Eating them thus makes digestion easier and prevents constipation.

2. Treating infections

Some study has found that banana flower has the ability to heal infections and hinder bacterial growth. This is because banana flower has ethanol extracts that speed up the healing of infections. Still, other studies show that banana flower helps in preventing the growth of Plasmodium, malaria-causing parasite.

3. Menstrual health

So, besides drinking cranberry juice, you should also add a banana flower to your diet if you are a woman. It reduces the progesterone levels in the body thus reducing period bleeding.


4. Anemia

Foods such as spinach and the liver are rich in iron and they help prevent anemia. But there are other sources of iron such as the banana flower.

5. Reduces stress levels

Stress is part of our day to day lives and at times we can’t help it. Eating foods rich in Magnesium such as banana flowers though makes you feel better at such times.



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