Things Nairobians hate about the December holidays

Fare hikes


Well, to be fair, there are also those people who neither like Christmas nor hate it. They’re just there. One thing for sure is that we all enjoy having that much needed long holiday after working or asses off all year. Kenyans have nicknamed December Drinkcember. After all, it’s all about having a good time, but also to spend time with your loved ones and gift them. But while it’s all fun and games, there are some things that are pretty annoying about the festive season especially here in Kenya, such as:

1. First of all, the fare hikes.

A distance you normally pay 300/- suddenly hikes to 2000/- not to mention the crowded bus stops and traffic heading out of Nairobi. Plus, with the careless driving during the festive season, you might not even arrive alive.

2. Supermarkets are extremely full, which makes Christmas shopping a complete nightmare.

3. Once you get to shags, if that's where you're spending the holidays, you have to deal with all the unnecessary questions like

“Wapi bibi?” “Unafanyanga kazi gani huko Nairobi?”

4. And giving your alcohol addict uncles 100 bobs because they think you mine money in Nairobi.

5. You have to do a tone of house chores you’re not used to.

I’d rather be on a couch watching tv or something. But if you spend your Christmas in shags, you have to partake in a dozen and one chores and woe unto you if you’re from the really rural areas with no water and electricity.

6. Christmas carols being blasted everywhere and you just can’t stand them.

7. If you normally gift your family members, well, then there’s that too, having to gift each one of them.

8. The daily hungovers.

9. The January stress.

Stressing about returning to the city, and going through the same matatu madness that you did while going for Christmas as well as returning to work, bills and what not.


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