7 great ways to recycle used tea bags

Don't rush to trash


But did you know that there are more creative ways to reuse your tea-bags rather than just making another cup of tea?

Check out this list on how well you can make use of them:

It’s embarrassing when you have to take off your shoes and the whole room smells like garbage. But thanks to invention, the used bags can spare you the trouble. Just soak your feet in warm water with tea bags and the odor will be gone.

2. Itchy eyes

If your eyes can’t give you peace because they are itching, simply soak the used tea bags in water then place them on your eyelids. After some time, your eyes will feel relieved.

3. Neutralize household odors

Whether it’s the smell of cat litter, dirty laundry, stale food or smelly fridge, used tea bags come in handy. Just place them in an open bowl and they will trap the odor after some time.

4. Shoe odor

Also, you can put tea bags in the smelly shoes to re-freshen them. Even better, always put some tea bags on the shoe rack to absorb any shoes’ smell.

5. Hands odor

After handling some foods such as garlic and fish, the smell remains on your hands. Washing your hands with used tea bags helps neutralize the smell.

6. Gardening

Re-brew the used tea bags and sprinkle the black tea on your plants to protect them from fungal infections or directly sprinkle the damp tea leaves at the base of the plant.

7. Flavoring

For a better flavor of your food, add some used tea bags in the cooking pot. They also help in tenderizing meat.


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