What happens to your body when you drink milk every day

The good and the bad

Benefits of drinking milk(The Mirror)

How often do you drink milk? Milk is high in nutrition but too much of it can also be harmful. In this article, we look at the benefits as well as the downside of drinking too much milk.

Some benefits of drinking milk include:

1. Good skin

Milk is full of vitamins and other nutrients that are great for the skin. Drinking milk makes your skin supple, smooth and glowing.

2. Healthy bones and teeth

Thanks to its rich calcium content, drinking milk more often will make your teeth and bones stronger and healthy. Calcium prevents tooth cavities, tooth decay and osteoporosis in adults. For calcium to be absorbed in your body, vitamin D must be present and milk already has it.

3. Weight loss

Protein is good for anyone trying to lose weight. Drinking a glass of milk makes one fuller and it’s a good way to reduce your appetite.

4. Healthy heart

Milk has potassium which is a vasodilator. This prevents blood pressure thus keeping your blood vessels and the heart in good condition.

5. Reduces stress

Feeling under pressure? Take a glass of milk. It relaxes your muscles and is also an easy way to get to sleep faster.

The downside of milk

Like many other foods, too much of it can be harmful to your body. The bottom line is to only drink with moderation.

Some studies have found that people who drink three or more glasses of milk each day are at a higher risk of death and cardiovascular diseases. Too much consumption also increases the risk of cancer. Surprisingly, instead of making your bones stronger, drinking too much milk was found to increase women’s risk of broken bones.

To be on the safer end, don’t consume too much milk.


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