10 super cool ways to study for your exams

Easy A's are just a matter of strategy

Thinking about ten chapters of a unit can dull your motivation to read before you even start.

Well, time and again research has come up with clever ways to study and pass your exams. Here are ten crazy ideas you ought to try out this semester.

1. Read out loud instead of just reading

Believe it or not, reading out loud helps you remember more than what you would while reading silently over and over again.

2. Use a different scent or chew different type of gum

Research shows that spraying a different scent in in your study space will help jog your memory what you were reading once you spray it again. Chewing a different type of gum works too.

3. Walk before an exam

Exercising boosts your memory and brain power. Take a stroll around the school for 20 minutes in silence. This will help you relax and articulate your thoughts.

4. Teach what you read

This is a great way to find out just how much you understood and how much you know. Join a study group or find a friend with whom you can discuss the notes with. Their insight will be a definite plus to your knowledge.

5. Reward yourself

Thinking about ten chapters of a unit can dull your motivation to read before you even start. Find a study system that allows you to reward yourself while studying. A good example is putting a bar of chocolate at the end of every chapter.

6. Take regular study breaks

Don’t lie to yourself, you can’t clock in four hours of constructive studies at a go. Take regular study breaks incorporated with some good ol’ nap time for better memory and brain activity.

7. Use diagrams and mental connections

Incorporating visual aids in your studies is bound to help you remember more than you would if you’re just reading. They will also help you make mental connection to different points of your studies which helps in deeper understanding of the story.

8. Watch a documentary about it

Listening to different authorities explain what you’re studying helps you pick up on important things that you would have missed.

9. Meditate

Studies show that mediation helps you to stay focused when reading. Not only will it boost your mental capacity to process information, it also assists with reducing pre exam stress.

10. Don’t study in one place

Yup, reading from different environments helps to boost memory by refreshing your mind into adjusting. You are bound to remember what you read on top of a roof than you would a library.


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