6 simple tips to prevent erectile dysfunction

You can prevent erectile dysfunction.

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The mere mention of erectile dysfunction is scaring enough. Though it’s more common among men as they age, women also suffer from erectile dysfunction.

And since we all want to have a healthy and active sex life, how about trying to prevent this scary condition?

Check out some simple natural ways to prevent erectile dysfunction:

1. Watch what you eat

Diet is everything and food is just not food because not all foods are healthy. And if a diet is bad for your heart, it’s definitely bad for your sex life. For a man to erect, there needs to be enough blood supply to the penis. Therefore, if you pack on foods that constrict arteries thus hindering smooth flow of blood, your heart and manhood will suffer.

2. Avoid cholesterol

High levels of cholesterol lead to blood pressure which in return puts you at risk of cardiovascular diseases. It’s important to note that even slim people can have high cholesterol levels and you should check it out with the doctor to ensure your levels are okay. High cholesterol levels and blood pressure damage blood vessels which are supposed to be supplying blood to your penis.

3. Weight control

Now, women seem to be the only people who really care about their weight. But men should be concerned too. Too much weight puts you at the risk of diabetes which can in return cause erectile dysfunction.

4. Hit the road

Want to last longer and maintain your erections? Gotta hit the road boy. Research shows a very close link between a sedentary lifestyle and erectile dysfunction. Go riding, swimming, jogging and do some aerobics. But also be sure to do it moderately since too much strenuous exercise has negative impact on your sex life.

5. Smoking

Smoking is generally harmful to your lungs and you know it so well. But besides affecting your lungs and liver, it also affects your sex life. Smoking damages the blood vessels thus preventing blood flow to your loins.

6. Stress less

I know avoiding stress can be difficult at times. But hey, if you want a healthy sex life, you need to manage your stress. Psychological stress is always bad news for an erection.


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