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4 important business lessons to learn from Huddah's Cosmetics

But while it’s so much easier to envy her, she’s made some major wins in business that anyone trying to start a lifestyle business could learn from. Huddah cosmetics is not new to anyone who cares for makeup in Nairobi. The new eyeshadow palettes are making a killing in the market just as her popular matte lipsticks did after their debut.

And how you ask?

Speaking to financial analyst, Lucy Magunda, Pulse Live found out that Huddah has been playing by important business rules that could turn any kind of idea into a success. Here’s what we learned about her money-making skills.

1.  When it comes to lifestyle businesses, your style and business should be one and the same thing.


You don’t buy Huddah’s lipstick to look like Huddah, you buy it to experience the luxurious style that Huddah promotes on her social media. Lucy says, “It’s not the lipstick that is selling, it’s Huddah’s lifestyle that’s selling. It works like being a brand ambassador, everyone wants the cosmetics because they are what Huddah uses herself.

2.  Became an authority in your line of business

According to Lucy, expertise sells. While fans may support your cause, the rest might be harder to convince that your product is worth the amount you’re selling.  Making yourself an expert in your line of business not only makes you the go-to person for advice on your industry’s line of work, it also adds credibility and builds trust that your product is worth every coin spent.

3.  Be unapologetically passionate and consistent

This being a lifestyle business, you’ve got to live, breathe and eat your business.  Consistency makes you very hard to miss or ignore, especially with the way the global market is constantly being bombarded with advertisements of millions of different products and services. It could take long before you start cashing in but don’t stop, your consistency will soon pay off.


4.  Let people see you

Lucy says that 80% of success is in showing up. The more people see you the more exposed they are to your business and more convinced of its legitimacy.  “Your customers would love to feed on your enthusiasm. Huddah’s constant online presence looking so gorgeous in makeup keeps her relevant in the beauty world giving her prominence in the industry. She is the Kenyan Kylie Jenner.”

In other news, doesn't she look yummy in this crotchet bikini?


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