Bad habits you need to ditch if you want a promotion

Earn nods from your bosses by cutting out the following notorious habits.

Every business opportunity that comes your way is another chance to broaden your market and resume. With this in mind, then the idea of not being the very best version of yourself in the corporate world could be defined as serious waste of talent.

Don’t get me wrong, your papers could be great, your ideas quite rewarding for the company but hard work always beats talents. Finding a balance between the two will help you nurture your career from good to excellent.

To start off, here are a few things your bosses need you to cut off from your guilty list.

1. Lateness

Sounds like it’s no big deal but as basic a matter as it is, lateness shows an inability to be dependable especially during critical time sensitive issues.

2. Hangover

Keep your party life away from your weekdays. While you could definitely mask the dark eyes with good ol make up, no amount of toothpaste can mask the intense odor of alcohol the morning after.

3. Procrastinating

You know that piece of work your boss gave you last week that you haven’t completed yet? Do it and finish. The faster you are the more efficient your boss thinks you are. Guess who’ll they give that high profile deal to handle?

4. Gossip

Minding your own business during office hours has proven to the most full proof way to avoid office scandal and drama. Follow your bosses instructions for authoritative protection and avoid all the rumor mongering going round about other people in the office.

5. Getting emotional

It’s never a personal problem. If you are having a problem with someone in the office, you are better off dealing with it in a calm and collected manner instead of exploding in anger.

The more amicable are the more points you earn on your dispute resolution skills.

You deserve to be the best at what you do, go for it!


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