Facts and features behind Chris Kirubi's Ksh25 billion mall (Photos)

Even with just the first phase done, the scale of the structures, luxury and numbers involved is mind boggling.


Chris Kirubi calls it the largest man made project in this side of the region. He maybe a master of hyperbole especially on things close to him but that statement aptly captures the majesty and grandeur of the Two Rivers real estate project.

The Two Rivers project is arguably the most ambitious construction project embarked on by a private investment firm.

The project when fully completed will see luxury apartments, workers residences, a 5 star hotel and a 3 star hotel and an office block added to the mall.

The whole project sits on a 102 acre land bought by Centum from the Koinange family at the cost of 1 billion.

The mall alone seats on 62,000 sq. meters leaving the closest mall in terms of size by a gaping 15,000 sq. meters.  It is named after River Gacii and River Rui Ruaka which border and supply water to it.

However, the Centum management as well as the property developers are focusing more on the experience. The pursuit of a surreal experience is evident across every aspect of the mall.

Millitary grade security

On security alone, the firm prides itself in containing military grade security systems. Two Rivers Limited employs IBM’s Intelligent Operation Centre (IOC) at its core has been deployed across the development.

This system ensures unification of hundreds of independent systems for access control, surveillance, threat detection, screening alerts and communications across the development into a single virtual system.

The security systems include components such as surveillance cameras, ANPR systems for scanning license plates, under vehicle surveillance system and explosive trace detectors.

There is a whole control room set aside monitoring every movement and even armed response available

Unique  entertainment features

There are a number of unique features catering for visitors an Aquaplay center with bumper boats, water zorbing, pop-up jets among others.

Riverfront complete with flumes and dancing fountains, VOX Cinemas which will have 10 screens with an offer on VOX Max, VOX Gold, VOX 3D and VOX 4DX.

VOX is an international brand operating 97 screens across nine locations in the United Arab Emirates, 17 screens in Oman’s City Centre, 15 screens in Lebanon’s City Centre Beirut totaling to 127 screens, across 12 locations, in 3 countries.

Magic Planet will offer the most unique indoor entertainment offer in the region offering the first “mining for magic” concept implemented anywhere in the world.

It offers both an educative and interactive offer. Magic planet will occupy 2,500 SQM on two levels.

It is evident that Centum and its partners including foreign consultants have reached for a different level to ensure the mall is not just another unsustainable investment project.

Their efforts have already seen international brands including Adidas, Carrefour, Nike, LC Waikiki and others set up shop with several making their first entry in Africa at the mall.

All the evidence points to a profitable landscape changing venture that further lifts Nairobi’s profile as the business hub in the region.

The mall opens up countless opportunities for within and within the mall and in the usually quiet neighborhood full of diplomatic community.

All eyes are now on the launch next year set to be held on 14th February, Valentine’s day. Until then you can have a peek of the whole establishment in the video below


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