Important warning to all Kenyan men who have children abroad

The men popularly referred to as deadbeat fathers will have nowhere to hide in Kenya if the law is passed by Parliament.

Tough times is looming for all Kenyan men who have abandoned their children in foreign countries, following a treaty Attorney General, Githu Muigai, presented to the National Assembly.

According to the convention, these men will be forced to provide maintenance fee for their children neglected in foreign countries.

Reports indicate that men who move abroad to either study, work or just for holiday sire kids then abandon them when they finally resettle in their motherland.

“The object of the convention is to ensure effective international recovery of child support and other forms of family maintenance by establishing a comprehensive system of co-operation between the authorities of the contracting states; making available applications for the establishment of maintenance decisions; providing for recognition and enforcement of maintenance decisions and requiring effective measures for the prompt enforcement of maintenance decisions," Article 1 of the Hague Convention reads.

“The Cabinet is requested to take note of the contents of this Cabinet Memorandum and to approve the ratification of the convention,” the AG told Parliament.

In case lawmakers approve this treaty, deadbeat fathers will be required to take care of their young ones despite the marital status.

“The provisions of this convention shall apply to children regardless of the marital status of the parents,” the treaty highlights.

The fathers will be implored to provide for the maintenance of children under 21 years of age.

Among the countries that have ratified the treaty include USA, Norway, Germany, the United Kingdom (UK), France and Belgium.

In 2014, the phrase deadbeat became popular in Kenya following a Facebook page – Dead Beat Kenya – where men who had abandoned their children were exposed.

The page started by businessman Jackson Njeru, went viral after naming politicians, musicians and businessmen who allegedly do not take care of their children.


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