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Pastors will never stop taking advantage of their church members

The latest pastor to abuse his position as a Man of God is Tim Omotosho who has been arrested for sexually assaulting over 30 young girls.

A pastor can do anything and get away with it

The latest is Nigerian Pastor Tim Omotoso of the Jesus Dominion International Church in Durban, South Africa,who was accused of sexually abusing 30 young female members of his congregation!

According to an expose by South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) television channel, the pastor handpicked the girls from his music group, known as Simply Christolite, while others had reportedly dropped out of the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

On the false excuse of rescuing them from drugs, Omotoso told them to live with him, then proceeded to have unprotected sex with them.


After going into hiding, he was reportedly arrested inside the toilet at the Port Elizabeth Airport shortly after his flight landed in SA.

He was later arraigned in court on Friday, April 21, 2017, and his bail has been denied by a South Africa Magistrates' Court.

As usual, most people wonder how and why this happened, while others immediately begin to defend the preacher.

The reason why this happens is because we, the church, put our pastors on a pedestal. We see them as demigods, that should never be criticised or judged.


We adore them, worship them, and their word is law. Most people can not even dream of trying to contradict their preachers.

If anyone dares to say anything, we hit them with the misused "Touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm" bible verse.

A 'Man of God' says do something, no matter how ridiculous or strange, we do it no questions asked.

He says, 'bring your money,' you say, 'how much?,' 'bring your cars,' you ask, 'how many?,' 'give me your child's school fees,' you say, 'how many terms?'

Take a minute to imagine that kind of power, it is intoxicating and capable of turning anyone's head.


It is no surprise that most preachers fall, take advantage of it and do the most unimaginable things with it.

Things like telling your church members to drink dettol in order to be healed, telling your congregation to masturbate on the church floor to make it as sacred as heaven and the unfortunate, but increasingly popular cases of sexual abuse.

In order to stop this madness, we need to wake up and stop making our preachers gods.

We can respect them, listen to them, but never put them in positions where they can not be corrected.


They are pastors, but they are human beings first with all the urges and desires that we all have. Let's not forget that.

Pastors will continue to take advantage of their church members, as long as we continue to worship them!


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