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11 rules of dating a co-worker

No PDA at the office


It happens. You join a new company, see someone you kinda like, but damnit! You can’t date because that’d be weird and people will talk. But, after some time, you just can’t help it and you both decide, “You know what? Fuck it. Let’s wing it.” I’m all for doing whatever you feel like, albeit, be responsible. Dating a co-worker is no cakewalk and there are certain rules you need to follow if you’re gonna go down that path:

1. First things first, ask yourself if it’s worth it.

For the better part of the relationship, you might have to keep it a secret. Not just that, but you need to ask yourself if the relationship will come between you and your job. Are you willing to risk your source of income for some most-probably-mediocre strokes?


2. Don’t date your boss.

First of all, a lot could go wrong. Like, when you’re promoted, your co-workers will get jealous and even resentful and everyone will think that you slept your way to the top. You should never get so desperate to the point of sleeping with your boss for a promotion and such. Another disadvantage of dating your boss is that if things don’t go as planned, the ending could be bad and very awkward.

3. Find out about the office policies on dating and also the legal aspect of dating a co-worker.

Some offices do not allow inter-office relationships. It’s important to check with the HR before you even make the relationship official. And, on the legal aspect, so many bosses have found themselves between a rock and a hard place after firing an employee who didn’t give in to their demands and such so be careful, you might be setting yourself a potential legal trap.


4. Keep it professional at work at all times.

Don’t bring your relationship to work. Be mindful of your colleagues. Do your job without letting the feelings affect your performance.

5. Discretion is key.

Office gossip spreads like wild fire. For some reason. You’d think people have targets to meet but you’d be surprised at just how many employees spend time minding about other people’s business. Even if you’re tempted to tell your favorite workmate about your new brewing love, keep it hush hush. You could tell the HR though refer to point number 3. It’s better for you to alert the right person instead of them finding out about it through office gossip.


6. No PDA.

You might be tempted to sneak out of the office for a quick kiss or whatever. But no, do not bring PDA to the office, ever. Most importantly, never have sex at the office. Ew!

7. Have some 'you' time.


Seeing each other every other day can get a bit monotonous and boring. Do make time for yourself. Catch up on a movie, read a book, or whatever tickles your fancy when you're free. Your entire life should not revolve around your partner; at least not when you’re working together. That’s boring A.F.

8. Don’t bring your relationship drama to the office.

Please, people are dealing with bosses who are a pain in the ass, KPIs, slow internet and God knows what else. The last thing anyone needs is some cheap mellow drama okay?

9. Don’t communicate via office emails.


Might be tempting to drop a quick slack message or email and let them know how the morning quickie was fire…we get it, we really do. But, it’s a risky affair. You may hit send to the wrong recipient(s). You know what? Just use Whatsapp.

10. Set rules for the relationship.

Agree on a few rules of dating like, no doing ABC at the office, talk about how it could potentially affect your jobs and even think of an exit plan. It doesn’t make sense to talk about the end, when you’re in a honeymoon phase, but since work is involved in this case, it might be wise to talk about that. If you breakup, what next?

11. For the love of Christ, don’t become one of those annoying awkward office couples.


Just do ya thing, don’t be awkward cause I can assure you that chances are, no one gives a rat’s ass about your relationship.


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