5 things you should never say to your ex

They make you seem desperate


Since you are trying to heal and move on from your previous relationship, sometimes it’s best to keep your mouth shut.

Regardless of how pressing it may be, never say these things to your ex:

1. I miss you

Sometimes you can’t help but miss the good times you had with your ex. Even though, you do not want to seem so desperate or helpless without them. Let them stay in the mystery and resist the urge to tell them how badly you want to be with them.

2. I still love you

Sometimes we just love the wrong people and it’s hard to accept that they do not love you as much as you do.  But you should not let your ex know that you still love them after a break up. If they loved you, they would have stuck by you.

3. You sucked in bed

In as much as you are still mad at them and badly want to insult them, don’t use their bedroom skills to insult them. Because if it was indeed bad as you make it sound, you could have opted out of the relationship way earlier.

4. Let’s be friend

You genuinely could want to be friends with your ex, but that’s not how they will take it. They will see it as an opportunity of you trying to get back to them. Besides, being friends with your ex is the last thing you will want if you are trying to move on and heal from the breakup.

5. Please give me another chance

If you did something horrible that had you dumped, it’s okay to ask for forgiveness. But it’s not okay to plead so much with tens of apologies. If they are not willing to forgive you, just forgive yourself and move on.


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