8 things you should never say to your husband

Are we together ladies?


But there are also other things that you should not say to your husband because they are demeaning or will attract trouble to your marriage.

Check out some of them:

1. You never do this and that

If you have noted that he has adopted a habit that you do not like, don’t wait until it’s too late so that you get a reason to yell at him. Tell him the moment he does it let’s say for the second time. If it’s a responsibility he longer meets, talk to him about it before it goes out of hand.

2. My friend’s husband does this

Telling him what your friend’s husband does to her might feel like a good way to challenge him. But it’s not because he can’t be like that other person. Let him be good at what he does and don’t forget that he can never be perfect.

3. I will do it myself

So your husband offered to do the dishes or cook but you feel like he is too slow or sloppy? Well, just let him do his thing and appreciate his effort. If you dismiss what he is doing, he might never help you with it again.

4. That was great

You would rather keep quiet than lie that you had a good time in bed. Neither should you fake your orgasm. If you didn’t like it, look for alternative ways to make it better next time.

5. You never go to the gym

Is this a way of telling him that he is fat? How about you tell him that you are planning to start going to the gym and suggest if he would want to come with you?

6. You mean you can’t do this?

It might be something as simple as changing a tyre. But don’t act so shocked if he cannot do it. Yes you will be shocked, but don’t show it to him because it will make him feel insufficient.

7. Do I look fat?

Are you sure you want him to be honest? If he is, it most likely will offend. If you feel fat, just work on your weight.

8. Don’t touch me

You will not always be in the mood of making love. When you don’t feel like it, just give him a kiss and explain to him how tired you feel or if you are feeling sick. He will understand better than dismissing him in a rude manner.


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