Do you ever get a DM from a dude and you think to yourself “Some men are so tiring”?

No, like for real, sometimes, you need every ounce of energy to deal with the male species. Generally, there are things about men that a majority of women collective dislike:

1. Poor hygiene.

Can we all brush our teeth and clean our nether regions please? How are you reeking of sweat at 8.00 am in the morning? You don’t have to have the most expensive cologne, even Rexona deo will do.

2. While still on this,

Do get a haircut, trim your beard, exfoliate your lips and have pus*y friendly nails. Those men that grow one long finger nail, what’s up with that? Smh…

2. Bad sense of fashion.

Every woman appreciates a man that cleans up nice. You don’t have to wear designer clothes. But do wear clean, well fitting and ironed clothes and good shoes. It’s a shame how women go the extra mile to look stunning yet the guys do the bare minimum. How are you pulling up to an event in a t-shirt and jeans or a baggy ass suit?

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3. Showing off and a big ego.

We really hate show offs. A big ego is such a turn off. Bragging about your achievements and number of cars you own simply shows that you’re not actually used to luxury or that kind of lifestyle. Money comes and goes, so be humble.

4. Stingy men.

A man who feels the pinch to spoil you or even spend a dime on you is a major turn off. It’s understandable if he’s broke, but a rich dude who feels like it’s a big deal to buy you lunch or keeps complaining about money is just a pet peeve for real. Like, are you trying to be buried with your money? Live life!

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5. Mama’s boys.

Mom this, mom that…urgh! Grow up already.

6. Men who pee on toilet seats.

It’s basic courtesy to wipe the toilet seat when you’re done.

7. Zero motivation/drive.

A man doesn’t have to have made it in life. But a man who is not even bothered about his future or getting his ducks in a row, that’s a different case altogether. Men who rely on rich women to take care of them need to reevaluate their lives.

8. Over-persistent guys.

If a lady has already told you she’s not interested, chances are, she will probably not change her mind so bounce along. Don’t keep sending us those annoying “Hi” “What are you up to” messages.

9. Disrespect.

A guy who treats a woman like his equal, be it by being aggressive, verbally rude or any form of assault, is a major turn off. It doesn’t cost much to act like a gentleman. Respect women. Your mother didn't raise a jerk, or did she?

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