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Biggest mistakes to avoid when looking for a Mr Right

Finding the right person

So you think you have been doing everything right but you still don’t seem to be meeting the right guy for you? It could be possible that you are making some mistakes which are preventing you from finally meeting your Mr Right.

The number one thing you need to do is to reflect on your dating life and see what the pattern has been like. Then, look at the pattern carefully and try to identify any mistakes that you have been making and start avoiding them from now henceforth.

According to dating and relationship coach Mathew Boggs, you need to avoid these dating patterns for you to find the right guy:

1. The shooting star


This is where you start things on a very high note. You are both on fire and the connection seems to be so deep. Due to the deep connection, you tend to rush things and skip important steps that you ought not to. You end up sleeping with the gut too fast and even planning your future together. If a guy is not in for the long term, then the relationships come to an end fast just as it started and you end up disappointed.

2. Fantasy relationship

Fantasy relationships keep you single because you keep on fantasizing over someone who is not available. This prevents you from meeting your Mr Right. Whether you are fantasizing about your ex or a colleague who is not interested in you, it’s of no use unless you make a move and let this person know what you feel.

3. The crumbs


According to Boggs, “this is when you are dating a great guy who has everything on your list except for the fact that he is not prioritizing you. This guy only gives you leftover moments.”

In most cases, such relationships will end with the guy drifting and leaving you heartbroken. If he is not prioritizing you, there is no point holding onto him thinking that he will start doing so in future.

4. The safe net


If you are like most people, you might have met that one person who would take a bullet for you yet you do not have feelings for them. This person treats you so well and you decide to try it out with them just because you feel you are safe and fear being heartbroken by another person.

5. Not perfect, I’ll pass

This is when you are constantly looking for flaws in each guy that you meet. And since nobody is perfect, you remain single for longer while still trying to search for a Mr Perfect.


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