List of cool unisex baby names and their meanings

Let your baby’s name stand out

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Are you a soon to be mom and still do not known what name to give your baby? You need not to worry anymore.

And just so that your baby’s name stands out from the rest, unisex baby names is the way to go. So, you don’t have to wait until you are sure of your baby’s gender for you to decide on the best name. We have made a list of cool unisex baby names just for you to choose from.

Just have a look at it and make your choice:

1. Alex/ Alexis – defender

2. Ariel – lion of God

3. Quinn – the fifth

4. Nico – goddess of victory

5. Jules – youthful

6. Jess/ Jesse – rich

7. Daryl – loved one

8. Dakota – friends

9. Florian – blooming

10. Erin – Ireland

11. Dylan – son or daughter of the sea

12. Charley – independent

13. Carmen – song

14. Arya – lion

15. Indiana – from the land of Indians

16. Lonnie – ready for battle

17. Lumi – who brings light

18. Nevada – snowy

19. Ira – watchful

20. Zane – a gift of God


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