Anyone can tell you they love you even when they don’t mean. Even people who feel nothing close to love will say it for their selfish gains. Don’t get me wrong, you can still say the words to that special person. But words alone are not enough. Actions are best. Plus, there are also other things you can say that will show your partner that you love them without having to say ‘I love you’.

Here are just but a few of them:

1. Can I help?

A happy couple in their kitchen, cooking.
A happy couple in their kitchen, cooking.

Whether your partner is going through some financial difficulties or they have too much work, offering your help shows kindness and love. The fact that you are offering to so without being asked to makes it even cuter.

2. You are so special to me

Who doesn’t want to hear this? Other than simply saying ‘I love you’, this is another way to reassure your partner that you love them.

3. Anything for you

A happy couple
A happy couple

How about saying this to your partner when they request something? It lets your partner how far you are willing to go to make sure they are happy.

4. I will always be there for you

When someone is going through a hard time, these words mean a lot. It shows that you not only care but are willing and ready o stand with your partner in good times and bad ones.

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5. You can always count on me

Happy young couple [Credit: Elite Daily]
Happy young couple [Credit: Elite Daily]
Elite Daily

Your partner already knows that they can always have your shoulder but it harms not to keep on reminding them.

6. Our forever is going to be amazing

You will not just be communicating love but also a commitment to your partner. You are trying to let them know that you love them and would also love to spend the rest of your life with them.