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Ladies, here are 9 things not to wear on a first date

Don't scare away future bae

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But you really don't wanna go on a date and end up being uncomfortable all night in front of a potential boo-to-be and probably end up not getting a call back after the date. The first impression is everything. There are many things to consider when going on a date, for example, how's the weather? You don't wanna fish out your shortest dress on a rainy day only to end up freezing all night. You also need to consider what message you're trying to portray; how you dress says it all.

No kidding! Here are things not to wear on a first date:


1. Something that screams "trying too hard".

This is not the time to experiment with all the latest trends. You might end up looking like a walking catastrophe. Keep it simple and classy.

2. While still on trends, for the love of God, do not scare the poor guy away with all the weird eyebrow, nails or denim trends out there.

3. Do not wear something too revealing.


It's the first date. What message are you trying to pass when you wear a dress you cannot bend in? Or a top that can barely hold your tits together? The guy might end up actually being really uncomfortable as too much of anything is poison even sex appeal!

4. If you choose to wear something uncomfortable, just go with the flow.

You wore the thigh high slit skirt willingly so don't keep adjusting it every second or yanking up the top you will look uncomfortable and it's not a pretty sight.

5. Which brings me to the next point, go for an outfit that's comfortable.

Not too big, not too short, not too tight. What I mean by this is, if you get full after dinner, you will not have to open one button of your pants cause your jeans can no longer support your stomach. Very tacky! However, wearing something comfortable does not mean you go for the date wearing slippers...


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6. Wear comfortable shoes.

If you cannot walk in heels, no one ever died from not wearing high heels, just ditch them for comfortable wedges of block heels. Especially if the date involves alcohol, you really don't want to embarrass yourself walking like a baby giraffe after a few glasses of wine. It's embarrassing.

7. Dress for the occasion.

Dress according to the theme of the date. If it's a night out date, you could wear a cute shift dress and heels. If it's a beach date, of course no one expects you to go to the beach in heels!


8. Too much makeup and too much perfume.

Ladies, less is more.

9. Whatever you choose to wear, do not be over the top to look high maintenance or too basic!

You can never go wrong with wardrobe staples such as a good pair of denim or a classic LBD paired with heels of course depending on the occasion.


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