Why village men make better husbands

Ladies, it's time to consider other options.


Globally, an ideal husband should be the protector, provider, leader and a teacher. However, while these features could easily be found in most men, there are a few characteristics highly attributed to village men that could easily change your preference.

Here are ten reasons why you should ditch your city guy for your very own shamba boy.

1.    Family guy

Talk about babies and a city jamaa will flee. If you are in into nursing football team then look for a village man. He’s zero pull out game and very healthy eating habits will have you singing your way to the maternity room a few more times than one.

2.    Hardworking

They are already used to spending 8 hours ploughing a farm every day of their lives. Trust a village man in Nairobi to work just as hard in whatever position they hold at work. Not only will his teacher’s pet mentality make him grow in the office place, you can take it to the bank that your man is in the business of making his millions unlike the lazy city men and their love for booze and other people’s women.

3.    Speaking of other women...

Say yes to a shamba boy and he’ll forever cherish his city queen who looked past all the flashy guys and settled for his simple life. Having being brought up in a culture- upholding setting, he won’t be too quick to drop his pants for another woman or spend his money on her either.

4.    Private

Unlike the hip-hop listening city men who want to take pictures of themselves holding rent money, a village boy sees no use of posting such pictures on his social media. Your life will remain as perfectly private as you’d want it.

5.    Financially prioritized

You can trust your Shamba boy not to splurge on a 30,000Sh pair of Jordans before he puts a better set of seats in the house. Being so family and growth oriented, your Shamba boy won’t care to invest on an X box when he can put a down payment for plot of land. He will also help you manage your finances and plan for better.

6.    The sex is amazing

While he wouldn’t mind trying out your freaky ideas in bed, he’ll have his limits. This can be changed with a bit of convincing. However, all that strength you gained working the fields will definitely pay off during missionary vanilla sex.

7.    He’s a real man

When you marry a village man, he won’t have to tell you what your position in the relationship is. While it's no secret that he will expect a level of submission from you as his wife, a village man won’t scream and whine like city boys and their extra dramatic long texts, silent treatments and pretend alcohol dependency problems. A village man will seat you down and talk out the problem.

8.    Handy around the house

A village man will know how to build a shelf for you, how to help you paint the baby’s room and fix the electronics arou

d the house instead of spending money to pay for service.  You get to see the importance of this trait on broke days.

9.    Security

Every girl wants to feel protected around her man. Date a village boy and be sure that he can take out any guy in the club that gropes your bum instead of hurling insults the way city boys do right before they get beaten up.

10.    Home bound

While he won’t miss a few nights out with the boys, a village man unlike city guys enjoy spending time indoors with his family or going out with them instead of spending it on alcohol. You can be sure that at least weekdays won’t see him grabbing pints at the local.

This is not to say that all city men are bad. I am sure that a lot of women can swear by their city boyfriends/husband’s amazing qualities. Also, you’ve probably seen a lot

of shady men from the bundus.


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