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Tips to have the best car s3x ever

You will love it

Car sex(elle)

Tried it yet? No? You should. Seriously, if you want an out of this world sexual experience, you got to be open to new ideas. Car sex might sound a little bit kinky but you will never know how fun it is unless you give it a try.

But you won’t really love it if you do it all wrong. How about using the below-listed tips to get the best out of your car sex?

1. Location is key


You will need some privacy so that you don’t have to worry about nosy passersby. Plus, you do not want to be arrested for having sex in a public place.

2. Dress for the occasion

Unless you are having car sex at home, always ensure you keep clothes on. To make things easier, dress in a way that you won’t have trouble undressing. A skirt, for instance, will do. You could also give your undies a break.

3. The back seat is always the best


Not that the passenger seat is bad, but for comfort, opt for the back seat. And, you don’t want to mess with the steering wheel.

4. The cowgirl position is your number one choice

This is time to showcase your riding skills girl. Just because there isn’t much room in the car is no enough reason for not having some steamy sex.


5. Store a towel in your car

Well, things will definitely get hot, steamy and sweaty. And leather is not the best surface when it comes to sex. Spreading a towel on the seat will make the experience more comfortable.

6. Open the window


When things get too hot, you may not like it. Keep one window down to regulate the temperatures.

7. Don’t forget the lube

Chances are that you will be trying some positions you have never tried before. Make sure you have enough lube just in case it gets dry down there.


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