9 struggles only lastborns can understand

Issa struggle

While other siblings think you are having it all and wish that they could be in your position, you wish that you would get a chance to be in their position even for a second.

Here are some struggles that only lastborns can relate to:

1. However old you are, you will always be the baby.Even when you are 30, your siblings will still address you as “our baby” and this does not sound too nice. Even your own parents don’t seem to understand that you are an adult.

2. All your other siblings think that you are your parent’s favorite person. They think that you are too spoilt and that your parents are always on your side even when you are on the wrong.

3. The world thinks you are irresponsible and spoilt just because you are a lastborn. When you turn out to be hardworking and a self-reliant person, it shocks everyone that you are actually a last born.

4. You are compared to your other siblings and it sucks. Your parents tell you to work hard like your sister or brother and they remind you how well behaved your other siblings were at your age.

5. Because you are the lastborn, you are expected to be a perfect human being. That you should have learned from your siblings’ mistakes and thus should be better than them.

6. When growing up, all your siblings’ clothes were donated to you when they could no longer fit. You ended up inheriting their toys and books instead of getting new ones. Well, who wants all the old stuffs anyway?

7. Even after you have gone to college, your parents and siblings still protect you like a three years old. They become paranoid when you are late to get home and when you don’t pick their calls because you are busy. Somehow, they still feel obliged to protect you like you can’t take care of yourself.

8. Well, you have to be the domestic assistant during Christmas since your siblings are apparently too old. They want you to clean, cook and babysit their children because you are still young and energetic.

9. After all your siblings are gone, all your parent’s attention is on you. Even the slightest mistake will never go unnoticed because they only have you to look after.


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