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Here are 4 significant signs that you are parenting your partner

Is your man a big baby?

However, the urge to take control and constantly supervise her partner may creep in.

Having an overbearing partner is limiting and very suffocating in a relationship. It could be the source of argument and estrangement. Marriage is meant to be freeing even in it’s constricting nature.

Are you parenting your partner? Here’s four ways to find out.


1. Nagging

Are you always reminding him of what to do? Nagging is the ultimate way to reduce your partner to child status. This could b not letting him off after making a mistake by always reminding him and giving instructions shows your inability to trust their maturity to follow instructions. It’s a demeaning feeling to think that your person doesn’t trust you, have some faith in your man.

2. Taking charge

Every time you go out on a date, you want to pay the bill. You make important decisions about the family without consulting him. In your mind, you’re being the ideal wife by helping him with everything. For some guys, this is a plus. For others’ the man feels emasculated when you take over responsibilities he grew up knowing that they belong to men. Step back if you know you are a control freak. However, if he’s the one dilly dallying then it’s time you have a talk about him stepping up and taking over his roles.

3. The children are your business


Do your children only come to you for everything? What is their relationship with their father beyond serving him in the house and him paying bills? Is he invested in their personal lives? There are two reasons for this: either he has not been putting the effort or you’ve pushed him aside and taken over. Raising children should be a joint affair. Children need both parents and his presence along is not enough.

4. Your partner is a baby

Is he bad with children, a heavy drinker, bad with money, careless with his work? Then you’re dating a baby. A man who can’t make his own decisions and stick to them is not mature enough to handle marriage and it’s important that you take a step back and review the reality of your marriage. You can talk to a counselor and find help or take a stand strong enough for him to style up. Otherwise such a man could run your success and your new family to the ground.

The problem with parenting your partner is the extra responsibilities you burden yourself with. In the long run, you will get frustrated that he is not appreciating what you have now made the usual.


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