Neglect, revenge and other common reasons why married women cheat

Don't lose your woman when it can absolutely be avoided.

Why, exactly, do women cheat? [Credit: Odyssey]

You might be shocked at the number of married women who engage in extra-marital affairs.

It may not be as blatant as that of some married men, or not as well-publicised because they hardly get caught, but don't be deceived into thinking that married do not cheat or that just a negligible of them do so.

But why do they?

If grapevines and stories on social media are to be believed, then it is obvious that married men are becoming less and less scared to sleep around regardless of their marital vows.

And apparently many of them do this in neglect of their wives whose need for affection will then lead into the arms of other younger] men.

Some other times, women run to old flames for warmth and in such instances, whether or not their husbands are faithful to them, it takes only a meeting or contact with an ex to reignite some unchecked emotions they thought they no longer had.

For women whose husbands have made it an obvious habit to cheat without any form of remorse, getting their emotional support and sexual satisfaction outside the marriage might seem just logical and normal.

At other times, just the need for better and more adventurous sex has led women to cheat on their partners.

And after getting it, they got stuck and never looked back.

Of course, this one is another valid reason why women can't say no to extramarital affairs.

The need to move up in life, at their jobs or to get a contract or some other favour tied to their careers pushes some women into granting sexual favours regardless of the fact that they are married.


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