Neomi Ng’ang’a’s perfect advice on how to ask a woman out on a date

Men, this is how to properly ask a lady out.

The plus size fashion designer dished out on the no-no’s of asking a lady out on a date and asking her “form ni gani” definitely did not make the cut.

Neomi took to her Instagram writing:

“Men, let’s talk kidogo. Never tell a woman “let’s hang out” “let’s kick it” sijui “slide through” sijui “form ni gani”,” she expressed.

She went on to give men some pointers on what to say.

“Say, “I’d love to take you out on a date. For live music, bomb food and a deep convo. What time works for you?”

Concluding her message, she echoed a sentiment that most women would agree with, judging from the positive responses she received in her comment section.

“Women want effort. Don’t ask her “Hey where do you wanna go or wee kuja tutajua”. Plan-pay-and pick the evnts. Treat her like a woman, not your brother.”

As mentioned before many women in the comment section completely agreed with her sentiments with others even chiming in on other major turn offs some men tend to have when they ask them out on a date.


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