5 signs that show you're not a supportive partner

How to tell you're not supportive to your spouse.

Even something as simple as being with your spouse while they battle an illness, loss of income or while they are starting a new chapter of their lives.

If you're wondering whether you've ever been supportive you probably haven't.

Here are 5 signs you may not be supportive in your relationship.

1. You don't take your partner seriously

Whenever you and your partner are having a discussion you need to take what they are saying seriously. If you dismiss what they're saying or always think that what they have to say isn't important, then you aren't supportive.

2. You don't believe in your partner

You dismiss your partner's dreams and constantly criticise whatever visions they have for their lives. You don't have any faith in their abilities and would prefer them not to take any risks unless you give the say-so.

3. You make decisions for them

Whenever something happens, you don't trust your partner to make the right decision. Controlling every decision they make like a parent ends up being detrimental to the health of the relationship.

4. You don't think of your partner first

The welfare of your partner doesn't come first to you. You often forget to do things for him/her. You don't care what they need. And when they ask you or remind you, you respond by lashing out.

5. You never apologize

After under-estimating your partner or failing to recognize when they need something- you never see what you did wrong. You always try to justify your decision-making process. You rationalize how you were thinking. You never admit you were wrong.


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