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Telltale signs you are dating a girl with daddy issues

They crave for attention

A crying woman

Before you blame the woman you are dating for some habits, find out about her childhood first. Our childhood affects who we are today and how we handle different situations.

For instance, a woman who has unresolved issues with their daddy may act in some way in order to compensate for what she never got from her daddy as a child. If the father wasn’t present either physically or emotionally, the girl tries to fill that void from the man she is dating.

To tell if a woman has daddy issues, watch out for these telltale signs:

1. Demands constant reassurance


It’s not her fault that she keeps on demanding to be reassured of your love. Maybe her father was not there for her and she has since developed the issue. Since there was no man to compliment her, she will need you to do it over and over again.

2. She has trust issues

If she couldn’t trust her own daddy, it will be close to impossible to trust you. At least not so easily. She has to screen you thoroughly to make sure that you are trustworthy.


3. They can’t stand being single

A woman with daddy issues is afraid to be alone. She already missed the most important male figure in her life and she fears that you might leave as well. As such, some of these women end up jumping into another relationship immediately after a breakup or get back to their exes because they can’t stand being alone.

4. She admires older men


You can always tell the type of guys a girl is into even during a conversation. If she talks of older guys quite often, she probably has daddy issues. If you are much older than her, it could be the one aspect that got her attracted to you.

5. She wants too much attention

Girls generally love attention. But if your woman wants your attention all the time even when you are busy and need to focus, she probably has daddy issues. She is trying to get the attention she never got enough of from her father.

6. She keeps men around


She may not even notice it but in her subconscious mind, she is trying to fill in the void left by her father. She will hang out more with men also because she has a constant desire for approval by men.


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