5 things you should not disclose on the first date

It’s too early

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First dates can be weird and awkward yet that’s where most relationships begin. While you can get a little bit nervous about going for a date with a new person, you should remain in control all through. Watch your words, dressing and any other cues that may be interpreted wrongly by your date.

Honesty is key but you should also not be an open book for your date to read – at least not on the first date. Read on to know some key things that you should never disclose on the first date:

1. Sex life

Whether you are a porn addict or have slept with tens of people is not something you should reveal on the first date. The last thing your date needs to know at this time is about the orgies you might have had. It’s not only awkward but you may end up sending the wrong perception to your partner.

2. Ex details

It’s okay for your date to know whether you are seeing someone or not. But it’s another thing to give details about your ex. Even though your ex was a toxic person, reserve the nitty gritty until later.

3. That you cheated on your ex

Even though the reason you broke up with your ex is that you cheated on them, this is not the time to say it. We all make mistakes but no one wants to be associated with a cheater. Even cheaters dread being cheated on.

4. Financial matters

The debts you have, how much money you make and whether you don’t have a job is for you to keep to yourself. First, if you are broke and in debt, they will think of you as a burden to them. And if your cheque is a fat one, they will think you are just boasting. Whichever the case, revealing your financial details at this time is unnecessary.

5. Your family issues

You don’t want to go spilling the beans about the issues going on in your family. Even if someone in your family has been getting into your nerves lately, such is not the kind of details to share with someone on a first date.


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