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10 things single ladies in their 30s are tired of hearing


Sad black woman(Madailygist)

In your late 20s, everyone starts getting concerned about your marital status. Your aunts, parents, older siblings, friends and even frenemies. Once you hit 30 and are still single, more pressure builds up. Ladies especially are subjects to this pressure more than guys.

Guess what, when these ladies appreciate that you mean well for them and you want them to get settled, sometimes it’s too much and wishes that you would just let them be. Check out these things that single ladies in their 30s are tired of hearing:

1. The clock is ticking


She knows this already but probably, she is yet to meet her match. So, you don’t have to rub it in.

2. You should just get a kid

First, not everyone wants kids. Secondly, maybe she has been trying to get a kid because she also knows that the clock is ticking but the efforts haven’t born any fruits, yet.

3. All your agemates are married


Really? This is the last thing you should tell a single girl in her 30s. She knows that her agemates are married but she can’t just marry a random guy because she wants to be like her peers.

4. It’s time you find yourself a man

Well, maybe it’s not yet time for her. You don’t know what her priorities are. Just let her be.

5. What are you still waiting for?


People wait for many things. She could be waiting to be financially stable or she could be waiting for a Mr Right. Because sometimes it’s not always easy to land on a man who matches your standards.

6. I know of a good guy who is still single

Unless she has requested to be set up with a guy, don’t try to hook her up with your male friends.

7. People will be thinking you are your kids’ granny


This is just mean.

8. You should join tinder, there are good guys there

By the time she is 30, she undoubtedly tried or considered trying online dating but for some reasons, she chose another route.

9. How are you still single?


People will be like, ‘you are so beautiful, how come you are still single?’ But beauty is not all that matters

10. Maybe you are just too picky

No, it’s not about being picky. Sometimes Mr Luck is not on your side and you end up kissing a little more too many frogs.


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