6 things you should never do to make a man happy

Madem tuko pamoja?


Love is blind is what they say. When you are in love, you can become someone’s doormat without even realizing it.

But my dear beloved girlfriends, even if your heart skips each time you see him because of the love you have for him, there are things you should never do for a guy. Are we together up to there?

Now, in as much as you will want to make your man happy, never do these things to try and impress him:

1. Starve yourself

So you met this beau who loves slender girls and now want to lose weight already? No no no! If you are doing it because you are concerned about your health, well and good. But if you have to starve yourself to be slender for him, girl, think again.

2. Pretend to be who you are not

I know we can at times do the unthinkable just to make a man happy. If you are a T-shirt and jeans kinda girl, stick to that honey. If weaves and wigs are not your thing, don’t do them. He’s got to like you just as you are if he is genuine.

3. Compromise your morals and beliefs

If he does something that you can’t stand, let him know it. Don’t just sit and listen to him insulting people or saying things you don’t like just because you think he will stop liking you.

4. Forget about your dreams

Don’t quit your job because he wants you to. If you get an opportunity to work abroad, don’t hesitate just to impress a man you are just dating. Watu huachana.

5. Have sex before you are ready

If you meet a guy shortly and you both can’t resist the urge to have each other, you are two adults and you can do it. But if for some reason you feel like you still need some more time, don’t be in a rush. Even if he insists, don’t give in until you feel ready.

6. Drop your friends

Your man and friends are equally important. Don’t spend all your free time with your guy and forget that you have friends who need you as well. If you part ways, it’s your friends who will stand with you.


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