Types of friends to stay away from for a happier 2020

You are better off without them

Types of friends to avoid

We all want to live happily and one way to do so is by associating with people who make us happy. That means you have to get rid of friends who make your life miserable and more difficult. It’s not an easy thing to cut away people you were already used to but then, if they are not adding value in your life, there is no point in keeping them.

For a happier life in 2020, you need to stay away from these types of friends:

1. Parasites

The country is going through very tough economic times. Costs ranging from rent to food are rising every day. The last thing you want is a dependent friend. It’s okay to help someone in need but if it’s someone with a job but is always looking for an opportunity to spend your money, get rid of them ASAP.

2. Friends who never make an effort

If you are the only one who makes the effort to call, visit or text your friends, you need to reconsider that. In fact, you might notice that the moment you stop making the effort, that will be the end of your friendship.

3. Selfish type

You deserve better than a friend who always wants everything to revolve around them. You need someone who cares about you equally as you do. A friend who can sit and listen to you even when what you are saying doesn’t seem to make sense – because we all need to vent at times.

4. Any friend who disrespects you

Respect is important in every friendship. Your friends should respect your values, your decisions and your opinions. Keeping friends who do not respect you will only make you miserable and you don’t want that.

5. The competitor

Friendship shouldn’t be about competition. As friends, you should accept that you all cannot be equal. It’s okay to challenge each other and help each other grow. But when the friendship turns into a competition, it becomes toxic.


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