For most weddings, everything is basic routine. Including the gifts.

In most cases, they are just a collection of items to help the newlyweds start their new lives.

Kitchen equipment, a bed, the ugly couch from Mama Nani and even a carpet.

But for most grooms they would prefer gifts that are more functional or sentimental or more to their tastes.

Here are 4 unique wedding gifts men would prefer.

1. Couple art

A stylized photo of the couple turned into an artistic portrait can make a very elegant and unique gift. Instead of using a preexisting photo, you can also book the couple studio time with a renowned portrait artist to paint or draw them to their tastes.

2. Personalized effects

You can get a bottle of champagne or collectible wine and have it personalized with the couple's names or get the bottles stenciled with their initials.

3. A phone

The latest gadget on the market will always make an excellent gift. It would be made even more excellent if it had something romantic or best wishes into the future of the newlyweds engraved on the cover of the phone or on a phone cover.

4. An entertainment system

For couples who are already established, they already own furniture but may not necessarily own a custom made entertainment system.