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How to cure your sexless marriage

When sex is not the end goal, a couple can then focus on growing their intimacy again.

In its own way, sex is meant to rekindle love lost between couples."In that state of nudity when you are fully exposed to your partner, communication goes beyond mental inhibitions,"  psychiatrist, Suzzane Njoroge says, "Couples tend to listen and open up more to each other at that time as they are at their closest. A sexless relationship could break a marriage and do irreparable damage to the parties involved."

A sexless marriage can leave one feeling unattractive and insecure. This is because sex indicates one's desire and interest to bond not only emotionally but physically with another person, therefore, giving a sense of belonging, ownership, and pride in a marriage.

So how do you cure your sexless marriage?


1. Communicate

There so many reasons why people stop having sex. It could be stress, exhaustion or even lack of interest in sex itself. Speaking about it with your partner and letting them know that sex is a big deal for you can help put things in perspective for both of you. Pick a good time to bring up the topic and be prepared to listen as well. This should get the ball rolling once again.

2. Forget sex

Suzzane says, "When sex is not the end goal, a couple can then focus on growing their intimacy again."

Start from scratch by simply enjoying small things like holding hands, hugging and even tiny kisses on the cheeks while you slowly build up to the main thing. This will help with rekindling intimacy which is the main ingredient for amazing marital sex.


3. Kindness

Go out and have fun together. Be friends again. When both feel appreciated and listened to, intimacy tends to grow into full fledged desire.

4. Be patient

Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was your relationship. Give your partner a chance to redeem themselves and their low libido before you decide to ask for an open relationship or start cheating.

5. Seek help together


It shows that both of you are invested. Also, going for sex therapy together can help both of you realize things you probably didn't know about each other's sexual preferences and orientation.


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