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7 quick ways to stretch your new shoes and make them comfortable

New shoes in particular have the tendency of making life unbearable and for this reason, shopped around for a few home remedies to make your shoes more comfortable.

1. Wear them around the house

There is no denying that everyone feels the urge to showcase their new pair of shoes. Nonetheless, before the grand unveiling, wear them around the house frequently so that your feet get used to them.

Also, do not wear new shoes for long hours during the day.


2. Newspapers

Stuff newspapers or heavy socks inside the shoes to stretch them.

3. Blow dry

Wear the shoes with thick socks then hover the blow dry at the interval of 30 seconds around the area you desire to expand.

Make sure you keep the shoes on until they cool down.


4. Ice them

Fill zip lock bags with water, place them inside the shoes then put them inside the freezer. The water will turn to ice consequently expanding the shoes.

This remedy, however, is not ideal for leather shoes.

5. Potatoes

Peel potatoes and stuff them inside your shoes, preferably non-fabric ones. Make sure the potatoes are peeled to the right size you desire.


Leave it overnight for the potato to dry out and the next morning your shoes should be ready to wear

The potatoes will also absorb stinky odour in your shoes.

6. Microwave

Place your tightly fitting shoes inside a microwave for about 1 minute to expand them.

7. Alcohol


To soften your leather shoes, you could spray rubbing alcohol.

Let the solution stay for 4-5 minutes until you feel the alcohol completely dried.

Thank me later.


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