This is what Buru Buru Girls want in bed...And their MOST favorite sex styles

Buru Buru girls are generally a snobbish lot that lives and exists in egotistical gangs of feral females that judge men all day long and won't hesitate to swing the other way if called upon.


Yesterday, we told you what the Roysambu girls prefer in bed. And also, told you that the Nairobi girl doesn't play when it comes to having her sexual needs taken care of.

This girl is a beast who will stop at nothing to ensure that she has the best time of her life between the sheets.

Mostly, she calls the shots and gets to dictate the steps to make if you want to please her.

Unlike the regular Kenyan girl, from any other part of the Country, the Nairobi girl means business. And will stop at nothing to achieve not just a climax - but the time of her life.

One wrong move and you're booted off as she moves on to someone better - in most cases, her fellow girl.

The Roysambu girl, we told you, has a thing for having her cookie thoroughly eaten out. And also, really loves a deep, passionate kiss marathon.

Her preferred sex style, as we all came to learn, is the Lap Dance style. And she won't take nothing less than that. We have proof.

Today, we tell you what's up with the pesky Buru Buru girl.

We reveal to you what she likes in bed, what she likes done to her, how she likes to be thrilled and tickled and what sex style ticks her off.

The Buru Buru Girl's Bedroom Habits

This girl is your typical manzi wa Nai  who probably was born and brought up in Buru Buru, schooled at Kenya High and attended (or still attends) BIFA college, or some of the big city campuses.

From them comes some of the biggest and most notorious city lesbians. But still, they love to feel some hard male stuff throbbing it's way into their privates.

For a start, just like the Roysambu girl, the Buru Buru girl will have nothing less than a steady kissing session anytime she's up to some action.

She loves to kiss. And kiss deep, this girl.

Her kissing habits don't even necessarily have to start in the bedroom - she'll be kissing you away right in the club in between toxic puffs of mint-flavored shisha and some gulps of the blue-tinged Guarana Electric. (Oh, how it sucks.)

The club kisses can last forever - if you don't yank her off and ask her to reserve the heat for the right time.

But unlike the Roysambu one, this one isn't too much into having her cookie eaten out. She prefers to have it eaten our by her fellow girls on a lazy Tuesday evening.

"Guys don't know how to eat a girl out. They're just pathetic at that, " says Belinda* of Buru Buru." Girls know how to eat a girl out. Cos they're both girls and both understand what works for each other. Dudes just go there and mess it up and actually, sometimes, kill the passion. I ain't letting no random dude eat me out. Just whip that meat and insert it. I'd rather that... "

Still, it's not all a lost game. There's a lot this girl likes still. Like, giving blow jobs.

" We're experts at that! We are the Oprah Winfreys of giving blowjobs. We're that good. Haha! " brags Esther*

A blow job from a Buru Buru girl will leave you feeling like you won the Presidency. And like you woke up around the gilded walls of the Trump Tower.

As for her favorite sex style? The Flatiron

This is one of the highest rated sex styles in the Bible of lovemaking, the Kamasutra.

It's just heaven with a touch of a Caribbean beach and French wine.

Its basically a rear entry position with great g-spot stimulation and deep penetration enjoyed using a Liberator wedge or pillow.

This style works best for the Buru Buru girl since she gets to not do so much work while at it. Also, she's been known to fantasize with anal alot and feels like this is the one style she can let her man slip his meat into her anus just for fun.

It doesn't even have to go in really. Just the tip of it playing around the anal area, tickling her and arousing her will produce magical results.

This style also is perfect for the Buru Buru girl who likes to keep fit and uses it not just for pleasure but also as an exercise activity.

Also, they have a certain naughty trait - sometimes, the Buru Buru girl will ask you to slip it in while she's still in her undies. All she needs to do is to slide it to the side and you can stick your meat in like the Lothario you are.

This also works best for this girl who is known to drink herself silly and therefore, might prefer to lower her head to the mattress as she's been pumped out.

And because this style produces maximum reach of the D into the deepest parts of the cookie, it's no wonder the self-obsessed Buru Buru girl loves it.

Still, she can be munching away on some chocolates or laced cookies as the man is behind there pleasurably tearing that wet thing into pieces.

And if they're both too stoned and too wasted, why not stick it in the ass? Just for fun? That is, if it can fit.

She's also known to love the Cow Girl  but it's the Flatiron that totally brings out the animal in her.

How to do it

The girl lies facedown and slightly elevates her hip while you enter from behind. Imagine a kneeling pushing with hip thrusts — that’s kinda what you’re doing.

But there's a pillow under her just so it can elevate the goodies properly and to enable you to hit it hard like the bombings of the Gaza strip.

Banging a Buru girl tonight? This piece will come in handy.


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