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Details of Aspira, the new app Kenyans are using to accomplish their dreams

Live your best life now with Aspira


Have you heard of Aspira? Do you have something you want to buy but you’re limited by finances? Well, worry no more.

Aspira is here to sort you out. Aspira is a product financing application that allows one to

obtain goods and pay for them over 12 months while the goods are in your possession.

Kenya has evolved and today it is very simple to purchase items for your home with just one click, and this is thanks to mobile applications on our phones.


Take a moment and imagine a beautiful afternoon out with friends that ends in a fun night out and just as you part ways for you to go home, you realize that you dropped your phone somewhere and can’t remember, you’ve just lost it.

What next? Do you report it to the police? Do you just break down right there and cry? or do you just shrug it off and go home, wait for end-month when you can buy a new phone but in the meantime your “kabambe” tucked away in a suitcase at home will serve?

This is where Aspira comes in. Aspira has built strong partnerships with reputable brands to help you get whatever you dream of owning.

You no longer have to wait for payday or when you make a big sale for you to upgrade your lifestyle.


Aspira gets you whatever you need; from phones, furniture, kitchen appliances, electronic items, travel plans and much more and the beauty is that you have the freedom to pay it off slowly over a period of time.

Your living room can finally get the leather recliner seat you’ve been eyeing and the sound system to make your Friday night movie night an experience of a lifetime.

You could finally get that California King bed everyone is singing about and dream like a celebrity.

You can also get that coffee maker to reduce breakfast time and help you get to work on time. It will be a great conversation starter when your friends come over and they cannot believe you are living such a comfortable life.


Why wait until end-month to replace your stolen phone when you can upgrade to a better one and lipa baadaye with Aspira?


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