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More drama, confusion at controversial Pastor Ng'anga’s church [Photos]

We knew our apostle was in a lot of trouble-insider reveals

Apostle James Maina Nganga

Drama and confussion continued at Pastor James Ng’ang’a’s Neno Evangelism Church, triggered by his recent outburst in which he threatened his bishops, hurling insults at them.

Worshippers at his Neno Evangelism Centre in Mombasa were thrown into confusion and broke down in tears as Bishop Robert Wafula-one of Nga’ng’a’s three bishops resigned and handed over church documents.

Confusion reigned with worshippers left in the dark on who would lead the Sunday service with reports indicating that Wafula could form a rival church and take a significant number of the congregation with him.

“If he had issues with us, he should have called us for a meeting. But declaring in public that he will kick us out means he no longer wants to work with us. I would rather leave than wait for him to do what he threatened,” Wafula said.


Ng’ang’a remains adamant that his bishops have openly disrespected his wife and dismissed her instructions due to her young age.

He told The Standard that “They (his bishops) were disrespectful. I call them for meetings and they say they are busy. Sometimes, they plan separate meetings that coincide with the ones I have scheduled”.

Insiders revealed that the bishops were increasingly becoming uncomfortable with Ng’ang’a’s numerous scandals and negative publicity ranging from marital issues, charges of fraud and even accusations of murder. 


The congregation and several bishops reportedly secret prayers and fasts for Ng’ang’a’s redemption so that he could focus on preaching and be the man of God everyone once respected.

Ng’ang’a eventually learnt of the secret prayers and reportedly saw this as a coup attempt by his bishops who “questioned his character, integrity and suitability” to lead the church.


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