British special forces soldier praised for courage in Dusit Hotel attack

The UK media has praised a member of the Special Air Services, a special forces unit in the British Army, for joining local forces in responding to the Dusit terror attack.

British special forces soldier praised for courage in Dusit Hotel attack

The unidentified soldier was among the first responders at the Dusit Complex in Nairobi’s Riverside Drive.

The Mirror stretched the truth, claiming that the elite soldier had solely saved hostages who were trapped in the building.

An SAS hero stormed into a hotel in Kenya alone to save hostages and take on gunmen during a terror attack,” the Mirror inaccurately stated.

The British soldier was said to have been on a training mission with Kenyan Special Forces when the attack was launched.

The Sun

While, he was not alone, he was among the first responders and local television footage showed him rescuing several people who had been trapped in the building. Numerous other local forces showed similar courage in confronting the Al Shabaab terrorists.

The Sun , Sky News, and the Daily Mail also showered equal praise on the SAS soldier, “UK Special Forces always run towards the sound of gunfire.”

"During the operation he fired off some rounds – it’s safe bet he hit his target – the SAS don’t miss,” the media house stated.

Eleven Kenyans were killed ruing the attack. Other victims included a British citizen, an American, and one victim who is yet to be identified.

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