Twitter on fire as Tony Gachoka hires private jet after drama that saw him arrested at Ukunda airstrip (video)

Living life the fullest!

Twitter on fire as Tony Gachoka hires private jet after drama that saw him arrested at Ukunda airstrip

Controversial KTN host, Tony Gachoka decided to fly to Diani in style ahead of the Mashujaa day Celebrations in a private Jet.

The KTN Point Blank presenter posted the video on Twitter saying that he flew alone in a private jet, drank a glass of champagne as he continued to enjoy his holiday in Diani. He went ahead to say that the police weren’t allowed, something many thought was used to mock the police after his arrest last Wednesday.

Public Nuisance

Mr Gachoka, was arrested in an airstrip in Diani for causing a scene while he was allegedly intoxicated.

According to Msambweni OCPD Nehemiah Bitok, Gachoka disagreed with Silverstone staff as he insisted to board his flight to Nairobi with alcoholic drinks at hand.

On Thursday, Kwale Law Courts charged Mr Gachoka for being a public nuisance. He denied the charges before Principal Magistrate Joe Omido and was released on a cash bail of Sh50,000.

The suit will be head on October 25, 2019.

His fans didn't see anything wrong with the video as some said that he had a right to live his life the way he wanted to.

Here are some of the comments

@MikeMarshallKE Hehe.. i want to celebrate my holiday like this man Tony Gachoka Wale usema Tony Gachoka ni msoto ebu angalia hii video

@am_dagi Can you all let Tony Gachoka enjoy his life, anatumia pesa zake vizuri

@EvyonK It is very difficult being Tony Gachoka, they can never be happy with whatever you do..

@KabarakFinest01 Tony Gachoka is living his life to the fullest

@XJoyV Tony Gachoka is among the best journalists we have in Kenya supporting the interest of of kenyan citizens

@ShazieKe So Tony Gachoka fly solo from Diani to Mombasa to go attend mashujaa celebrations. Respect the OGs. Wueh!

@iamlegitdaily Tony Gachoka is enjoying his money away from his work. Kazi ya TV iliishia kazini. This is what we call the fruits of your own sweat.

@iamlegitdaily Is this a sign that Tony Gachoka is making too much? Anyways that is his own life. As the english men say 'his own private life'


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