Huge turnout to blame for failed Jubilee primaries - Uhuru 

Seriously Mr President.

President Uhuru Kenyatta

President Uhuru Kenyatta has now blamed the huge turn out for the confusion and chaos that were witnessed at the Jubilee primaries on Friday.

Speaking at State Hosue on Saturday, Kenyatta stated that they never expected the huge turn out hence the shortage of voting materials.

“We never expected the kind of turn out yesterday & therefore there was a shortage of materials,” Kenyatta stated.

The President added that he did not blame his officials for the chaotic process but was proud to be a leader of a party that commanded a huge following.

“I don't blame our people. The high voter turnout was overwhelming and we were under prepared to handle the overwhelming turnout. I'm proud to be the leader of a party that can have this kind of a turnout,” the Head of State affirmed.

Kenyatta also highlighted that they were not interested in what the Opposition was doing but would ensure free and fair nominations for his party.

“We are not interested in what the opposition is doing. Let them run their affairs,” he emphasised.

The president added: "A detailed and revised primaries timetable will be issued at the Party’s HQ today in accordance with IEBC timelines."

Jubilee Screatray General Raphael Tuju canceled the nominations on Friday in all counties after meeting the President.


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