Everlasting fools!- Mwalimu Dida lights up Twitter with attack on Ruto's supporters

Dida is back

Everlasting fools!- Mwalimu Abduba Dida lights up Twitter with attack on DP William Ruto's supporters

Former Presidential Candidate Mwalimu Abduba Dida never disappoints when it comes to his simple humorous description of otherwise complicated issues.

The former teacher rose to fame with his simple wit during the 2013 Presidential debate including a proposal to Kenyans on how they should eat.

“If you want to be healthy eat when you are hungry; I do not know who brought these eating schedules with lunch and dinner. When you are hungry you do not fill up your belly with food; you need a third of food, a third of water then the other third is breathing space," he advised in 2013.

Dida is back, this time on his Twitter handle where he uses the same humor to express his opinion.

He has recently taken a particular interest in Deputy President William Ruto and his supporters - with his comments often going viral.

"In 2017, Ruto convinced Jubilee supporters to vote and send Raila to Bondo. To 8 million voters, sending Raila to Bondo was more important than employment, service delivery and good governance. He is here again and in 2020, it is time to punish dynasties! EVERLASTING FOOLS!" he said in a viral tweet on Friday.

The tweet a day after a similarly viral comment on Thursday regarding the DP's speech in Kisii.

"Ruto has been DP for 8 yrs now. He oversaw increased youth unemployment, police brutality and crippled the govt. They also ranked highest in corruption. He still sees no shame and boldly hovers around the country like a mad cow asking for 10 more yrs! FOOLISHNESS IS A TALENT," the politician said.

His attacks are not limited to Ruto's side of the political coalition as he recently took a swipe at Jubilee Vice Chairman David Murathe over his appearance at the EACC headquarters.

"So, yesterday Murathe paid a courtesy visit to EACC. After an hour of catching up, he advised them to summon DP Ruto. Then he walked out, lit a cigarette and smoked(EACC is a smoking-free zone)! This bold, arrogant and bossy nature is what American teens call THUG LIFE! SAD," he tweeted.


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