Exclusive: Why Uhuru visited our home - woman explains viral photo

"My sister didn't recognise Uhuru until he bent to enter the gate and his mask fell down"- Damaris told Pulse Live.

President Uhuru Kenyatta shares a moment with residents in Gatundu North

On Wednesday, July 14 the country woke up to a trending photo of a casually dressed President Uhuru Kenyatta sharing a moment with three unidentified Kenyans in the most unusual manner.

The photo showed President Kenyatta posing with three residents who from the look of their clothes were tending their farm deep in the rural areas.

Pulse Live was able to trace the photo to Gatundu North where the head of state was on a secret trip on Monday, July 12.

President Kenyatta had gone to personally inspect the progress of a Chinese power project in the area when he decided to pop into the home of Damaris Karago Kabura’s sister.

Damaris excitedly shared the news as well as another photo of the unlikely visitor who had graced the home.

Wee Uhuru alikua kwetu. That's my sister and her daughter. He popped in on Monday and went to the China power project at Kariminu River in Gatundu North. Our place being a kind of ka-island had been neglected so much.

The KPLC had always shied away from connecting us to the main grid until this China project came by. We were the first beneficiaries,” she explained.

Damaris narrated that her family members did not immediately recognise President Kenyatta who was wearing a safari hat and a mask.

My sister said that he asked them to open the gate and as he was bent to enter, his mask fell and they were very surprised,” she went on.

Damaris thanked God that the head of state chose their home since he could have easily popped into any other homestead around the area.

It is not unlike President Kenyatta to interact with Kenyans on a personal level. He is known to drop presidential protocol as was seen recently in Mukuru kwa Reuben slums where he unexpectedly popped into the community radio station catching the staff unawares.

In February, Kenyan actor and singer Pascal Tokodi bumped into the head of state as he was strolling around State House.

Tokodi who was inside a vehicle expressed excitement as the vehicle passed President Kenyatta.

How are you Sir…Oh my goodness, what! Have a good day. Ona Selina (watch Selina) Maisha Magic East,” an overjoyed Tokodi told Uhuru.

Asante. Nimeona,” the president replied as he waved Tokodi off.


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