This is why al Shabaab has finally lost the war to KDF, AMISOM

Somalia president Farmajo gave a 60-day amnesty to the militants group to surrender or be wiped out.

High ranking officials in the over 10-year-old militia are fighting to regain prominence, others citing mistrust, a scenario that has seen successful execution of many leaders and other seemingly defiant members.

According to a KDF military intelligence report, recent blows delt to the group have left the militia’s leadership fearful that informants have infiltrated their operations and are suspected to be leaking information to Kenyan and Somali authorities.

The militia, according to the report at the DoD has resorted to executing some of its members in a bid to get rid of some leakages of information to the authorities. The worst hit being the new recruits from Kenya, Uganda, US and German.

Recent successful raids by the Africa Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) and KDF have been attributed to the availability of information from the militants, thanks to the divisions in ranks.

The report also suggests that there has been massive leakage of information to the authorities, plunging the survival of the militia in disarray.

Al Shabaab is now at the verge of collapse, if there will be massive raids from the AMISOM troops, the report suggests.

On Sunday, Citizen TV reported that already three Kenyans – Ahmed Yussuf Hassan, 26, Ahmed Nur Osoble, 20 and Asum Obimba – were recently executed by a firing squad on accusations of spying for KDF and Amisom, leading to a successful wiping of dozens of militants.

In addition, 40 Americans and 300 Kenyans are under intense investigation by the militia on accounts of leaking information to the Kenyan authorities.

Despite a widened recruitment drive in the last three years, Somalia’s president Abdulahi Farmajo gave a 60-day amnesty to the militants group to surrender or be wiped out.

Last month, President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Somalia counterpart held talks on the ways to wipe out the militia.


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