A fifteen-year old Form 2 student at Nairobi School is scheduled to undergo a brain surgery after sustaining serious injuries from suspected assault from prefects at the institution.

The incident has yet again laid bare the dangers of bullying and corporal punishment that continues unabetted in various primary and secondary schools despite a ban by the Ministry of Education.

The student’s mother was called last week and told that her son was sick, only to later learn that he had sustained brain injuries after being beaten up by prefects at Nairobi School.

“Am looking at our son now and I can't believe Nairobi school has wasted him so much. We have to supervise him even as he eats and brushes his teeth. Went to pick him and found he had lost most of his uniform looking dirty and unkempt”.

“He is even back to peeing in bed something he had never done. He has gone mute and can't even near the prefects who beat him,” the mother said.

A visit to the cardiologist revealed that the 15-year old had fluid in his brain – a condition known as Obstructive Hydro Cephalus – and which required immediate surgery.

A report by Citizen TV on Monday reported that the victim’s classmate had also been assaulted and suffered a fractured hand from the same powerful prefects.

The management of Nairobi School, one of the oldest national schools in the country, dismissed the complain saying prefects were popularly elected by students