Baby so small, leg could not fit father's wedding ring

A C-section operation was carried out on the baby's mother when doctors observed that it had an abnormal growth.

Not even its father's wedding ring could fit the leg of a baby, Rayden Isavic Mondragen, a premature baby born after twenty-five weeks.

According to The Sun UK, Mondragen was just 10.5 inches long and weighed 14oz when he was born on September 29, 2016.

Doctors determined that he was not getting enough oxygen when he was just 21 weeks old and still in its mother's womb.

To this end, the mother, Marissa Mondragon, 23, from Othello, Washington, USA was given two shots of steroids to aid breathing.

This did not help however, prompting the doctors to insist on C-section in a bid to save the life of the baby.

Though hesitant at first, Marissa eventually conceded to the doctors' advice, as she did not want to take chances with the baby's life.

“At first I didn’t want to take Rayden out.

“I would feel him kick at night and he was felt perfectly fine.

“But I didn’t want to risk his chances.”

A foot print of Mondragen showed it to be very small.

It was delivered at the Sacred Heart Medical Centre and Children Hospital in Spokane, Washington, report says.


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