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Raila's joke on a Nigerian minister leaves crowd in stitches

The special AU envoy was speaking during an anti-corruption forum

Special AU envoy Raila Odinga during the multi-sectoral National Anti-Corruption Conference (Twitter)

Special AU envoy Raila Odinga on Friday left a crowd of delegates laughing after he narrated an anecdote on a corrupt Nigerian minister.

The former Prime Minister had just concluded his address to delegates during the multi-sectoral National Anti-Corruption Conference.

"A minister for Roads from Nigeria was invited for a tour by his Malaysian counterpart and when he got there, his host took him on a tour to showcase various infrastructure projects and at the end of the day he had dinner at the Malaysian minister's palatial house.

"At the end of the evening he asked his host how he had managed to do so well for himself to which the Malaysian minister took the Nigerian to his balcony and showed him a highway far off. 'You see that highway, 10% here' the Malaysian said," Raila narrated.


Nigerian minister copies Malaysian

The former PM continued describing how the Nigerian went back home and replicated what he had seen his Malaysian counterpart do, only that the African did far worse than the Malaysian.

"When the Nigerian had taken the visiting minister round his house in Lagos, the Malaysian repeated the question, 'how did you manage to do so well for yourself?' he asked.

"The Nigerian took him to the balcony and asked him to look far into the horizon. 'But I don't see anything' the foreigner said. The Nigerian explained, 'That highway, 100% here'," Raila concluded to the amusement of his listeners.


Sitting on DP Ruto's seat

That was not the only funny moment the Right Honourable PM had during the conference, he also momentarily occupied DP Ruto's seat before giving his address.

“Before I invite his Excellency the president to make his remarks, in the spirit of what our Attorney General has said, that we have to mobilize the country toward unity of purpose, unity of efforts and that of the spirits…allow me to invite the Right Honorable Raila Odinga to make some remarks…,” said DP Ruto as Mr Odinga rose from his seat and walked toward the podium.

“And while he is coming, as you ably recognize, there is a reason why Uhuru Kenyatta is president. And as you can notice, he ably executed what we call the National Government [agenda]…,” said the DP, as Mr Odinga waited on his (Ruto’s) seat, placed next to the Head of State’s.


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