Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai on Monday responded to complaints of women being turned away from police recruitment centres.

The complaint was raised by a concerned citizen who flagged the Chemolingot Centre in Baringo County.

"Why didn't you inform people that you won't recruit ladies in some regions in the ongoing nationwide recruitment? I'm talking about Baringo County, Chemolingot Centre," Paul Kinyua questioned.

IG Mutyambai went on to explain that the recruitment criteria is based on the needs of each cluster.

He explained that the process is non-discriminatory and open to all genders.

"Every recruitment is open, free, and fair to all. However, sometimes there maybe more of either gender based on the strict qualification criteria per cluster. This is not meant to discriminate against any gender," he stated.

The question was raised during a weekly #EngageTheIG session hosted by the office of the IG to address concerns raised by members of the public on the police service.