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The mess in controversial pastor James Ng’ang’a’s church and what pushed him to emotional outburst

Details of claims of infidelity, betrayal, rebellion, and the fight for the control of dwindling church funds.

James Maina Nganga with his wife Loise Maina Nganga

At the center of the rant by Ng’ang’a are claims of infidelity brought to the attention of his wife, betrayal, rebellion, and the fight for the control of dwindling church funds.

An usher who has served at the ministry for several years and who is privy to the details confided to that the outburst was the culmination of several months of tension between Nganga and his associates who are opposed to his “wayward ways” and controversial lifestyle.

The usher who asked not to be named for fear of retribution stated that Nganga has allegedly been feasting on the flock he shepherds despite being a married, further stating that it is an open secret in the ministry that the ‘man of God’ drinks heavily and has on numerous occasions been unfaithful to his wife with members of the flock.


It is alleged that one of the bishops at the ministry brought this to the attention of his wife, leading to the emotional outburst in which Nganga demanded that bishops respect his wife failure to which he would kick them out.

“We hear these things (claims of infidelity and Nganga preying on the flock) in the media and in romours within the church but the pastor rubbishes them as the devil to bring down his ministries” confirmed the source.

The ministry is also running out of funds with many members of the congregation leaving the church as a result of the scandals that Pastor Nganga has been involved in.


This has seen tithes and offerings dwindle significantly, prompting the ‘man of God’ to issue a directive that all tithes and offerings collected from the different branches of the ministry be channeled to the headquarters in Nairobi.

Our source reveals that bishops who controlled the cash collected in their churches opposed this directive and failed to remit funds to Nganga in Nairobi.

For the few who remitted, Nganga never disbursed any funds back to them with all the cash allegedly used for the “Bishop’s (Ng’ang’a’s) upkeep”.

To reverse the dwindling fortunes of the church, an exorcism mission was allegedly stage-managed during Tanzanian gospel artiste Rose Muhando reportedly got demons exorcised in a video that went viral.


Tired of the scandals, a revolt has been cooking in the church with several bishops planning to break away from Ng’anga’s Neno Evangelism Ministry to form their own ministries.

Among them is a case in which witnesses claimed the bishop who was driving while drunk killed one Ms Mercy Njeri on July 26, 2015 at Manguo in Limuru along the Nairobi-Naivasha Road.

Thereafter, an elaborate cover-up scheme was allegedly put in place in collusion with the police to deny Ms Njeri’s family justice.

Nairobi-based businessman Wickson Njoroge Mwathi has also accused Apostle James Maina Ng’ang’a of conning him out of more than Sh3 million. 

Reports indicate that Ng’ang’a got wind of the plans and resolved to kick out all bishops who planning to ditch his ministry and close their churches just as he revealed in his emotional outburst.


In defense of the embattled preacher, our source revealed that Nganga feels betrayed and bitter with the very people he helped and supported, some of whom have turned their backs on him and are planning to establish their own churches.

The controversial pastor has always been under siege from the media and the public with none of his pastors coming out to defend him.

Whether in court or in the media, Nganga has always been a lone ranger with his close associates opting to distance themselves from the scandals that have followed him.

The usher opined that Ng'ang'a may have reached his limits because while others are having it easy and prospering from his church, he is often the one to face and handle criticism.


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